Nefeli, which makes its luxurious designs made of high quality fabrics in its unique style accessible, sets out with the goal of designing not for a single style and moment,
but for the women of every moment. At Nefeli, fashion goes far beyond trends: Fabric, craftsmanship and colour selection form the essence of all Nefeli designs,
while the collections are based on silk-weighted fabrics of Italian origin, handcraftsmanship and meticulous production.
Nefeli sets out to be a companion for different women at different moments of the day.

Our Mission:
 • With the creative design team, the trends of the period in the renewed collections, with the colours and patterns of the season                                                      
Our brand, which has succeeded in creating the lifestyle of the working woman by combining them, in addition to its current variety portfolio
It offers the opportunity to keep domestic and foreign brands together in accordance with the quality and variations of the products within our structure.

Our Vision: 
To increase the number of our stores in Turkey and abroad and to be easily accessible by everyone.
• To be a pioneering company that leads the sector.
• To become a global brand worldwide.

Our Values:
• Occupational safety and team health...

• Fully protected labour-friendly production...

• Work network integrated with technological developments...

• Large working sections and high capacity production...

• Creative and qualified human resources...


Contact Info


                                                                                                             E-Mail: [email protected]          Telephone: (0212) 230 36 73       





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